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Located inside Julie’s Headquarters, Shades at JHQ is the first spray tanning facility located in the heart of Ocean City, NJ.


Setting the bar on new exciting trends such as CBD moisturizing treatments, air brush face/body contouring, and fireside spray tans. Shades provides a luxurious experience with optimum color alongside innovative services. 


Look your best shade all year long!



Director of Business Operations

Creator of Shades

Spray Technician 

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Custom Shades Spray Tan


Tailored to achieve your desired shade. This service includes a complimentary ph-balancing toner and an all natural finishing powder to ensure the most optimum tan.

Express Shades Spray Tan


No time? No problem. Get tan with our express shades solution, rinse in 1 to 3 hours after application. This service includes a complimentary ph-balancing toner and an all-natural finishing powder to ensure the most optimum tan.

Shades Signature Contour

$5/per feature

$15/full body

Define muscle tone & facial features with a signature shades contour. Get a natural sun kissed glow, illuminate cheek bones, emphasize jawlines, define abs or conceal imperfections with this fast, easy & long-lasting service.

CBD Glow Finish


$15/full body

Add a custom dose of cod to any spray tan service or all on its own as a clear moisturizing mist. Our CBD additive rejuvenates & soothes the skin. It also noticeably relieves muscle pain, rashes and irritation all while hydrating the skin.

Exfoliate. Spray tanning colors the topmost layer of the skin, the same layer that sloughs off after a week or so. Exfoliating allows the color to be applied to the new skin, allowing it to stay on longer. It also evens out the skin (especially in the knee and elbow area), preventing a streaky and patchy turnout.

It's not advised to apply moisturizers before the session.

Shave & Wax. Stray hairs, especially on the legs, may result in a polka-dot effect: color accumulating around each follicle. It doesn't look pretty, so don't forget to shave or get waxed at least 5 hours before the appointment.

Getting rid of hair post-appointment is a no-no, as it would remove the color from your skin. Be careful with products! Avoid using deodorants, moisturizers, perfumes, oil-based products, and soap bars before the session. The ingredients in these products might coat the skin and affect absorption. 

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